Online or face-to-face drum classes in Caballito, Buenos Aires City, Argentina

  • PLACE: ONLINE and face-to-face in the Caballito neighborhood. Autonomous City of Buenos Aires.
  • TIMES: to combine with the teacher.
  • TYPES: Battery, electronic drum programming, production and rhythmic education for musicians
  • DURATION: 60 minutes per class

Forms of payment

  • Credit cards: minimum 4 classes, CONTACTANOS to send you payment link. + 10% of the price of the classes by this means.
  • Bank Transfer.  CONTACT US FOR more details.
  • PAYPAL: From outside Argentina (plus 10% of the cost). CONTACT US FOR more details.



Online or pre-teaching battery classes in the neighborhood of Caballito – Ciudad de Buenos Aires (CABA)

Class Features:

For 10 years I have been teaching for all ages and levels, the classes last an hour (and always a little longer), we work technically, musicality, methods to learn songs, reading and writing sheet music, always guided by the student's interest and his musical taste.

About the teacher

  • He studied drums, bass and guitar for more than 15 years in a particular way.
  • Teacher of drums and music since 2007, in a particular way and in Estudio Barri ( ;
  • He also works as a sessionist and drum doctor.
  • Musician of the bands: Ghost Park, Siamese, Hyperknox, Multiverzal, The Miracle of Christmas, Bubbles and Tensixties.
  • As an educator:
    • Master Class of battery production and tuning at the Astor Piazzolla Conservatory, CABA, September 2019
    • Intensive battery tuning class at Estudio Humano, CABA, September – October – December 2019
    • Battery Coach for the actors of the play Testimonies to Summon a Traveler, Teatro Cervantes, August-September 2019
    • Drums and Groove Clinic, in La Sala, Trelew, Chubut, April 2019
    • Show production seminar for independent musicians, in different recording studios since 2014

Student comments

Lucas Stábile
Great teacher, you learn a lot more than to play an instrument with it. 100% recommended for anyone who wants to start or specialize!!

Pipa Dellamea
Excellent musician and teacher. Very didactic, respectful and fun. Highly recommended.

Andi Fiorilli
A very good drum teacher and a master for life 


  • Students can come one day to know the space and thus meet us and chat for a while, without commitment!!
  • It is very important on our part to guarantee the SAFETY of all, about your identity and reliability as well. That is why if you are interested, we will ask you for personal data, Identity DOCUMENT.
  • ABSENCE OF THE STUDENT WITHOUT NOTICE: It is charged anyway, unless you notify 24 hours before.
  • Includes post-class queries: Yes. you can write to him personally.
  • Whatsapp group for students: No, but they can write to you personally
  • Home classes: No
  • ONLINE classes: No.


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