Calibration and Tuning Course for Guitars and Electric Basses – Caballito Neighborhood, Buenos Aires City


  • Place: Only face-to-face in Barrio de Caballito (Next to Centennial Park) (CABA, Buenos Aires).
  • Professor: Venturini luthier.
  • Quotas: 5 students per maximum course. They sell out fast. We recommend you to book your place in advance.
  • Dates: In general, only the first Saturdays of each month. CONSULT
  • Hours: 14 hours.
  • Duration: 1 class from 4 to 5 hours at most (there is a whatsupp group for subsequent queries).


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Requirements at startup:

  • 1 stringed
  • 1 instrument to calibrate
  • 1 tuner
  • Be over 16


  • Tensioner regulation
  • Regulation of bridges
  • Eyebrow regulation
  • Circuit review
  • Fretboard cleaning and polishing (different options) 
  • Cleaning and polishing of the body.
  • Plus all the doubts you want to talk about how to improve your instrument, how to choose strings, etc.

Student opinions 

Omar Solomon - Opinion of the Calibration Course"10 points a class. The truth is, I get all the doubts very clear and very practical!" Omar Solomon

"The truth was very good. It is very useful… in very good general lines the truth." Mauro Martín Gobio 

About the teacher

Hernán Venturini Luthier

Hernán Venturini Luthier

  • Official Luthier of the Avellaneda School of Popular Music (EMPA) for 7 years
  • For Hernán Venturini the craft of luthier is formed with a share of love for music and a great vocation to work the wood. In addition to these qualities, Hernán adds to his daily work his commitment to the care of the environment: he manufactures electric guitars, bass guitars and other musical instruments.
  • He learned the trade from the renowned luthier José Mercuri, who conveyed to him his passion for this art. All the products you make stand out for combining an innovative aesthetic and high quality sound.
  • Hernán recognizes the values of teaching and transferring knowledge: "Any office has immense social and individual importance. To me, my teacher gave me a livelihood and in turn, the people who learned with me today live from what I taught him." 

About the work of Hernán Venturini Luthier 


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