Used Yamaha FG 411BL Acoustic Guitar

  • Brand: YAMAHA
  • Series name: YAMAHA FG SERIES
  • Serial number: 50320516
  • Manufacture date: 1995 to 1998 ( YAMAHA made the FG411 between 1995 and 1998 )
  • Place of Manufacture: Taiwan
  • Number of strings: 6
  • Garntía: 6 months case have some origin.
  • Cover: Does not include.
    • Soft Cover – extra U$S 25.-
    • Semi-rigid case – extra US$S 100.-


Used Yamaha FG 411BL Acoustic Guitar


Excellent acoustic guitar used Yamaha FG 411BL. Its condition is impeccable, as new with very little use. Labels on the body yet. Includes soft cover.  There are no repairs or scratches. Due to its year of production (1995) we can guarantee that this guitar has excellent method of construction, before the new century the brands produced with better quality.  The wood and its sound are ideal for those looking for their first guitar with good value for money.



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