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Otrosinstrumentos.com and Beautifulinstrument.com are both websites dedicated to the promotion and commercialization of new, exotic and historical music instruments, but at the same time of excellent quality.

It is also a network of renowned Luthiers, Technician, Musicians and Builders where they offer their services and products guaranteeing quality and professionalism.

Cultural and Commercial projects created by Remi Vásquez, developed and thought with the aim of promoting the work and ancestral craft of the construction of Musical Instruments as well as new Instruments or little-known Instruments. Additionally, we hope to help promote the art of peoples, collaborate with multicultural integration, raise awareness in relation to the acquisition of instruments as well as in relation to musical consumption, among other objectives.

Focused on the global and local market, the site is constant with the possibility of exchanging between the Spanish, English and Portuguese languages, planning at a later stage to include the German, Japanese, French and Chinese languages. etc.

The target audience are enthusiasts, musicians, teachers, entities or organizations, both from Latin America and from other regions of the world, interested in music and alternative instruments.

“… Enrich the gaze, develop sensitivity, understand and value other cultures without underestimating their own identity, living other lives of the past and the present, recognizing that we have our humanity in common …

To reach the spiritual ecstasy that the Art of the Peoples offers us and the hidden facets of ours …

Bring back to life what seems dead by finding the origin of the signs that have ceased to be dead because the meaning of their existence has been lost ”

Ana Lucia Frega

Main objectives

  • Provide a space on Internet for access to purchase unconventional or exotic, regional and historical Musical Instruments.
  • Offer a means or vehicle for Luthiers and / or suppliers from the World to promote and sell their products and services.
  • Offer a space for Luthiers, Technicians and Musicians to offer their Luthería and / or Classes services, as well as for suppliers, such as String and Case Manufacturers.
  • Offer a professional customer service, both local and from other regions.
  • Generate a vehicle for the commercialization of instruments based on trust and the quality of the work carried out.
  • Generate work and production for small independent enterprises, especially those that are in a vulnerable condition.