Online or face-to-face bass classes in Don Torcuato, Zona Norte de Buenos Aires

Class features

  • Classes customized according to the needs and musical taste of the student.
  • The various tools such as triads, scales, chords, Greek modes, etc., using literacy or tablature, will be worked, at the student’s choice.
  • We will work on the assembly of bases in various styles such as rock, blues, funk, latin, tango, candombe, and also in improvisation, using the tools mentioned above.
  • We will perform bass duets where each bass will perform melodic function, base and harmony.



Fernando Afonso Guanche Bass Classes

Classes offered

  • Individual
  • As a group

Classes can be given

  • ONLINE, by webcam (Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp)
  • At the teacher’s home: Jean Jaures al 2900, Don Torcuato. Buenos Aires. Argentina.


  • Initial
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced

Days and Schedules to combine with the teacher.

Forms of payment

  • Credit cards: minimum 4 classes, CONTACTANOS to send you payment link. + 10% of the price of the classes by this means.
  • Bank Transfer.  CONTACT US FOR more details.
  • From outside Argentina WESTERN UNION (plus 5% of the cost). -ERR:REF-NOT-FOUND-CONTACT US FOR more details.

Academic and professional career

He began his musical training in 1990 at the Manuel de Falla Conservatory and then in EMPA (Argentina), where he began to venture into popular genres such as Rock, Jazz, Latin, Tango, Folklore, taking an interest in the fusion of styles, thus gradually acquiring a personal sound and style.
Since 1992 he has been participating in own projects and as a transferist performing shows within the Porteño circuit and also tours in the interior of Argentina and in Festivals such as La Falda Rock, Jazz a la Calle, Personal Fest, El Bolsón Jazz Festival, Tango Justo Daract Festival, San Vicente Tango Festival, among others.
He has worked and participated in touches with numerous artists such as César Franov, Ale Demogli, Lucila Juárez, Alejandro Santos, Mimi Maura, Juan del Barrio, Osvaldo Burucuá, Quintino Cinalli, Mario Parmisano among others.



  • It is very important on our part to guarantee the SAFETY of all, about your identity and reliability as well. That is why if you are interested, we will ask you for personal data, photocopy of the Identity DOCUMENT and references.
  • ABSENCE OF THE STUDENT WITHOUT NOTICE: It is charged anyway, unless you notify 24 hours before.
  • Includes post-class queries: Yes.
  • WhatsApp group for students: No, but they can write to you personally
  • Home classes: CONSULT.
  • ONLINE Classes: Yes.


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