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Acquiring a trumpet to start is not a simple matter, this instrument is not as well known as a guitar, bass or drums, the information is not abundant, but in the case we will say that you try to avoid Chinese brands, since they are usually a lottery. It is better to invest well, some brands generally from the USA or those of artisan production are good options.

On the provenance of the trumpet

To start playing the trumpet, it is usually advisable to buy a used “made in USA” before a trumpet new from  China. “Economic Chinese are a lottery… some come out good, some very bad,” advises our trumpet professor Patricio Javier Giordano.

On our part we will say that there is nothing wrong with building cheap instruments for those looking to get started, but it is that some have taken such a fiasco that, as the saying goes, “cheap is expensive“.

American studio trumpets are usually affordable and good, especially if they have passed through the hands of a good luthier.
The main thing about the case is that you have to make sure the trumpet is in good condition. 
Try to buy someone you trust, or that’s well recommended. If it is used from a store then try to be sure that the store has good reviews or comments on its social networks or web, and also that it gives you guarantees after purchase.

Try to get a good statement first, get ate. You take the job of researching before you buy.

How a trumpet should be on a functional level. Almost like a car!

“It is important that the trumpet has good compression, no very large strokes, and that the pistons work with agility. It doesn’t affect his aesthetic state so much. It can have all the lacquer worn out and may not look super good, but if the machine works well, no problem.”

Some reference marks

King, Selmer Bundy, Olds, Yamaha, Conn (the “Director” model is a nice instrument to start with), among others.
If you are in Chile (unlike Argentina for example) you get to trumpets at good prices.
For those who live in and around Chile, Patricio recommends a brand there that makes trumpets, which is said, are of good quality. It’s called “Mandala Trumpet,” “good reviews are heard, and we know they make professional instruments at a reasonable price,” says Patricio.

Muchaches, this would be all for now, we hope it will help you. Basics at least.
And if you want tips or yourself to learn check out this LINK where you can take online trumpet classes.
And any questions send your inquiry.

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