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Electric Charango designed by Mariano Delledonne Luthier

The Electric Charango is a musical instrument that brings together the main characteristics of a traditional charango , but which has metal strings and an electrical system that gives it great versatility when it comes to finding new sounds . Its design reflects a combination of characteristics typical of the traditional charango , with aspects of contemporary luthería and an urban aesthetic .

The Electric Charango is a musical instrument that brings together the main characteristics of a traditional charango , but which has metal strings and an electrical system that gives it great versatility when it comes to finding new sounds. Its design reflects a combination of characteristics typical of the traditional charango, with aspects of contemporary luthería and an urban aesthetic.
All these peculiarities make the instrument unique, leading the Charango towards other sound universes, with its own and particular imprint that grants the possibility of experimenting with multipleEffects pedals and digital consoles , ideal for projection musicians.
The Electric Charango , as the name implies, consists of a strictly electric charango. Preserving the characteristics of a traditional charango, such as tuning, quantity and strings, among others, acquires all the properties of an electric instrument. It has two pickups of the Humbucker type ( double coil) designed and manufactured according to the needs of a charango. The circuit consists of a three-position selector key that allows you to activate one or the other microphone individually, or the combination of both simultaneously. It also has tone and volume adjustment in each of the combinations.

The advantage of this instrument is to expand the sound universe of the charango, one of the most important and identity instruments of the Latin American cultural heritage. Its special characteristics provide a unique and proper sound that combines the qualities of a strictly electric instrument with the sound identity of a traditional charango. It also opens the doors to the Charango to be used efficiently in the world of effects pedals and new technologies.

Construction Features:

The model presented is built with the well-known process called ” Neck Through ” that involves a series of wooden slats that come off the mast and go through the body . This type of construction, in addition to giving it a delicate aesthetic beauty, gives the instrument greater stability.

Used materials:

  • Body: Banana and Walnut
  • Neck: Banana and Walnut
  • Banana and Walnut Head
  • Shovel: Banana
  • Fingerboard: Guayacán
  • Bridge: Guayacán
  • Frets: Alpaca
  • Sequins: Bone
  • Marquetry details in reconstituted ebony
  • Hydraulic armored metal plugs
  • Alnico V Humbucker pickup microphones
  • Glossy lacquered
  • Semi-rigid case included

The construction of the instrument is FULLY HANDCRAFTED . The selection of solid wood to be used is strict and thorough . For this, the species , the degree of parking , the cut , the grain and the drawing are considered . Used wood from different places of the world depending on the model . The selection criteria are based on questions, techniques , sound and aesthetics .

Awards and distinctions:

  • UNESCO 2014 Recognition of Artisan Excellence
  • Creation Scholarship 2016 – National Endowment for the Arts, Ministry of Culture of the Argentine Nation
  • Selected for its exhibition in the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the UNESCO World Crafts Council in Dongyang City (China) 2014
  • Selected to represent UNESCO Latin America in the IFAM (International Folk Art Market) in the city of Santa Fe, New Mexico (USA) 2016
  • Selected for exhibition at the Official Argentine Pavilion at The NAMM Show 2017 in the city of Anaheim, California (USA)
  • Selected for his exhibition at the Official Argentine Pavilion at the “Hutzot Hayotzer -The 42nd International Arts and Crafts Festival, in the city of Jerusalem, Israel 2017
  • Selected to be part of the INNOVAR 2018 catalog of the Ministry of Science and Technology of the Argentine Nation.

It has also been presented in multiple exhibitions and events of interest such as: The exhibition of musical equipment ” Sample Music ” 2017 in La Rural , Buenos Aires , the traditional fair of science , art and technology Tecnópolis , the CCK ( Kirchner Cultural Center ), the cycle of charangos and new technologies ” Charangos con Chimichurri “, as well as in different editions of ” Charangos del Mundo “. Recently (OCT 2018) selected again for  the sample of musical equipment “ Sample Music ” 2018

Press and dissemination

“Interview with Mariano Delledonne, UNESCO Award” Cultural Entrama Magazine – Chile -October 2018 

– “The Charango electric project is presented for the first time in Jujuy” – Diario JUJUY at the moment – April 2018 
https://www.jujuyalmomento.com/post/84213/el-proyecto-charango-electrico-se-presenta-por- first-time-in-jujuy.html

“Small instrument to break molds” – National Arts Fund Press – April 2018 

“Industria Argentina at the NAMM 2017” Magazine Music & Market – Brazil – 2017 

“Argentine handicraft crafts at the 13th International Folk Art Market” – Ministry of Culture of the Nation – July 2016 
https://www.cultura.gob.ar/noticias/la-artesania-argentina-en-el-13-international -folk-art-market /

“A luthier platense looks like an electric charango” Diario El Día – La Plata December 2014 
https://www.eldia.com/nota/2014-12-17-un-luthier-platense-se-luce-con-un -charango-electric

Other Videos

Micro-documentary “Proyecto Charango Eléctrico” 

Interview with Amado Espinoza and Mariano Delledonne – Charango Eléctrico 

Electric Charango in Music Show 2017 with Don Vilanova Botafogo 

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More info:



Youtube channel 




Mariano durante su presentación en el FNA LAB. Fotos: Gentileza Mariano Delledone.
En los inicios de la fabricación de un charango.
Proyecto “charango eléctrico”.
Avances del proyecto.

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